5 Strategies Using Twitter to Improve Your SEO

Anyone whose anyone knows about Twitter and the concept behind the social media network.  However, not everyone utilizes this tool to it’s fullest potential.  Twitter is an online social networking service and microblogging service where it’s users can post up to 140 character status updates, follow other users, and interact with other users by retweeting and replying to them.  However, this social network can also be used to increase your search engine optimization campaign rankings.  Here are five strategies that you can begin utilizing right away to increase your SEO rankings:

Shrink Your URLs

Use a tool such as Hootsuite or TweetDeck to shorten all of your link urls.  This allows you to track what content is generating the most clicks and which posts were the most successful in generating retweets and replies from other Twitter users.


Valuable Content

You only have 140 characters to make an impression on someone with your tweet so you have to ensure that you use those 140 characters as best as you can.  You need to put a call to action in your tweets such as “Retweet”, “Don’t Forget to Retweet!”, or “Please Retweet!”.

Choose an SEO Friendly Username

If your website is BobsPlumbing.com and your company Twitter username is @PlumbingNRepairs – this is NOT good for your SEO rankings.  You should try and find your exactly URL for your Twitter username as this will help people identify your brand better and improve your SEO rankings.

Seperate Personal From Business

I see so many people using the same Twitter account for their personal use AND business use and this just is not the best strategy to use.  You should have your own personal Twitter account that you can post whatever you wish, including your opinions on certain issues.  Then have a seperate Twitter account for your business where you can post valuable content related to your products and services as well as connect with your target audience.

Ensure Your Bio is Keyword-Enriched

You have 140 characters to use up in your bio and I highly suggest you utilize these to the best of your ability.  Use hashtags as well (example #SocialMedia) so your profile shows up in Twitter searches.  You can include a VERY brief description of your business, include your website URL, and then include as many keyword hashtags as you can fit in the bio.

Hope these tips have helped you and if you feel we are missing some, please feel free to comment below.  Don’t forget to “like” us on LookSmart Facebook and “follow” us on LookSmart Twitter.

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