3 Steps to Start a Pay Per Click Campaign

Today, pay per click is an extremely popular concept, especially for start-up businesses.  Pay per click allows you to target your audience by geography and keywords or key phrases.  This is some powerful information seeing as though if someone is searching for a term that is directly related to your business, this will put your website right at the top of their search.  Therefore, giving you a great deal of power to get highly targeted leads to your website.  Check out these three important steps to follow when first starting your pay per click campaign.

1)  Setting a Budget:  This is obviously an extremely important factor.  Setting a budget for your pay per click campaign allows you to control how much you are willing to pay for each lead as well as limit your spending per day.  A tip is to try and choose niche keywords and key phrases where you may need to pay slightly more per click, but you are also getting much more highly targeted traffic to your website which will have a higher chance of conversion.

2)  Seek Professional Support:  A management service that is dedicated and trained to provide optimized pay per click management services is trained to help businesses not only get the most return-on-investment for their daily spending, but also to manage all campaigns so that you can focus on other areas of your business.

3)  Analyze and Experiment:  You might think you know EXACTLY what you are doing and what results are going to be produced.  However, you’ll quickly learn that keywords and key phrases that you thought would work out successfully, don’t and therefore, you need to analyze and test out different keywords and key phrases to see which ones are driving the most traffic and producing the highest conversion rates.

We hope this blog post has helped you in getting started in your pay per click advertising campaigns.  Pay per click is a very powerful marketing tool for businesses of all sizes, however, you need to ensure your getting the best return on investment and the highest conversion rates for your money spent.  If you have any questions regarding pay per click advertising, please feel free to contact us at LookSmart and one of our Account Managers would be glad to assist you.