3 Restaurant Ideas, 3 Tips & A Free Calendar Planning Tool for Las Vegas Data Center World 2014


LookSmart owns and operates its own data center for VMWare failover and disaster recovery clients. Every year, we go to Data Center events and one of our favorites is the Data Center World, to be held April 28th-May 2nd in Las Vegas.

Getting organized for conferences can be intimidating at times. We offer a few tips and a great calendar planning tool to organize your conference sessions.

Our Calendar Planning Tool

Use our Datacenter World calendar planning tool to organize your sessions by the company or people you would like to meet.

4 Apps

Evernote, CardMunch, Siri are the 3 must have apps for taking notes. I use Evernote to jot down three important items – the company, what the company can offer you, and what you can offer the company. I use Siri to dictate to Evernote. And I use CardMunch to scan my business cards live at the events. If you are a fan of recording voice memos and don’t have a lot of memory on your smart phone, I recommend the app Recorder, which saves voice memos to Dropbox directly.

3 Cool Restaurant Ideas

Las Vegas has become a mecca of restaurants. I recommend the following places:

Andre’s – Local legend and chef André Rochat’s take on haute French cuisine

Burger Bar – Start with your choice of various beefs, buffalo or lamb; then build on it with toppings from “the farm” (bacon, for example), “the garden” (sliced cucumber), “the pantry” and more.

Lotus of Siam – Voted the Country’s best Thai Restaurant, run by the chef Saipin Chutima.

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