3 Successful Pay Per Click Strategies

There are many ways to drive traffic to your website including social media marketing, search engine optimization, and email marketing.  However, these methods of driving traffic take time and don’t produce immediate results.  So some businesses turn to more immediate results for traffic such as pay per click advertising.

Pay per click advertising is the best digital marketing strategy to pursue if you are looking for quick traffic.  The other great aspect of pay per click advertising is your ability to control your campaign 100%.  Check out three proven strategies for getting the most successful results with your pay per click campaign:

1.     Always Include a Call-to-Action:  When you designing your ad, you can include text or image, or both.  You should always have some kind of a call to action in your ad.  You should be telling the visitor what to do such as “Click Here for…..”.  In your call to action, explain briefly what they should expect to find when they click on your ad.  If you are sending them to a landing page for a free report, tell them that.

2.     Targeting:  Pay per click advertising also allows you to target your audience right down to countries.  If you are advertising a product or service that can be used globally, utilize the global paid advertising tool.  However, if you are advertising for someone that is geographically linked, take advantage of the targeting tool by determining which countries you want your ad to appear.

3.     Design a Killer Landing Page:  The purpose of pay per click advertising is to drive as much targeted traffic as possible to a particular web page.  So you want to make this web page look as professional, appealing, and user-friendly as possible.  You don’t want your visitors landing there and not knowing what it is you are advertising.  Usually a landing page that is graphic-oriented and “clean” in appearance is the most successful.  You should also focus on collecting visitor emails by having a Subscription box available.

We hope you enjoyed this blog post, and for further questions on how you can utilize your pay per click advertising campaigns, contact our knowledgeable team at LookSmart.