Top 5 Bid Management Tips


One of the most important aspects of managing a pay per click marketing campaign is optimizing the campaign to it’s fullest poential to ensure you are getting the most for your budget.  Bid management is one strategy in optimizing your campaign.  Bid management basically involves properly managing your keyword bids so that you aren’t spending […]

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How to Get the Most out of Your Pay Per Click Campaign

Pay Per Click is a proven and successful online marketing strategy which allows advertisers to drive traffic to their website and publishers to monetize their website.  The advertiser does not pay a fee to place an advertisement, but rather pays a certain amount of money each time their ad gets clicked. With pay per click, […]

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3 Ways to Monetize Your Website or Blog

There are many website and blog owners out there who have a website that generates a fair amount of traffic and are not currently doing anything to monetize that traffic.  Of course the main purpose of a website is to provide valuable information on a subject you are interested in so you can educate those […]

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3 Tips for Effective Display Advertising


3 Tips for Effective Display Advertising Display advertising has become a very successful and popular concept amongst small and medium businesses as well as larger corporations.  Hundreds of thousands of studies have been done that prove that consumers are more likely to be attracted to images, such as a display ad with your product or […]

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3 Tips on How to Monetize Your Blog


So many wonder what the benefits of running a blog are, either for personal use or for business purposes.  I can’t stress enough how important it really is.  A blog is a space for you (whether personal or business) to show off your knowledge, your skills, and find others who are interested in the same […]

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5 Reasons Local Businesses Should Be Utilizing SEO


It’s no secret that search engine optimization is a very powerful marketing tool in today’s world.  These days, almost every consumer does an online search before purchasing a product, so if a consumer comes across your product or service during their search, it can put you ahead of your competition. Here are five reasons you […]

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5 On-Page SEO Steps for Your Website

If you aren’t already utilizing the powerful advertising strategy of search engine optimization, now is your chance to learn more about how you can begin a search engine optimization campaign for your website. The first step is to complete ALL on-page search engine optimization first, and then once that is complete, you can begin the […]

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Top 5 Reasons Your Bounce Rate Is So High


Pay per click advertising is a fantastic way to drive targeted traffic to your website fast.  You can target by behaviors, location, and device.  You can narrow your audience down to get the most for your PPC budget as well as track all data such as clicks, timing of clicks, bounce rate, and keywords.  However, […]

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Cyber Monday Grows 27% in 2012


Every consumer in the United States may not have participated in Cyber Monday 2012, but they sure did hear about it!  Cyber Monday 2012 was predicted to generate $1.5 billion in sales in the United States.  The shopping extragavanga grew by 30.3% from Cyber Monday 2011.  Cyber Monday 2012 was so large and successful that […]

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3 Strategies for Optimizing Your PPC Landing Page


So our last few blog posts have primarily focused on managing pay per click ad campaigns, competitive bidding, and how to optimize your campaign to get the best CPA.  So now it’s time for us to focus on the final step, which is the landing page that the user is taken to, to hopefully convert. […]

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