3 Tips for Effective Display Advertising

3 Tips for Effective Display Advertising

Display advertising has become a very successful and popular concept amongst small and medium businesses as well as larger corporations.  Hundreds of thousands of studies have been done that prove that consumers are more likely to be attracted to images, such as a display ad with your product or service on it.  So here are three tips you should consider when you’re developing your display advertising campaigns.


Don’t have multiple messages in one display ad, keep it basic and easy to read.  When you start adding more content and information, it gets more complicated and each piece of information has to share attention with the other pieces of information on the ad.


Call to Action

Your display ad should have a very clear call to action in it.  The best way to determine just how “clear” your call to action is, is to show your ad to unbiased individuals and see what the first thought is that comes to them.  Your call to action could be directing the user to “Click Here”, “Get Yours Now”, etc.


Be creative!  Once again, so many studies have been done that state that more interactive (images & video) are much more likely to not only attract the attention of the user, but actually convert the user to click on the ad.  So using  attractive graphics and videos are going to be more successful at attracting the consumers attention.

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